2015 Riesling - Spätlese Trocken zwei Sterne

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10,67 EUR pro Liter
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Riesling Spätlese Trocken**
Graacher Dompropst
Goldene Kammerpreismünze
Alkohol: 12,5%
Restzucker: 8
Säure: 8,5

moselfinewines.com 88 P This shows a nice and attractive fruit-driven nose of apricot, yellow peach and passion fruit. The wine is smoky and zesty on the palate with good
intensity but also some tartness and power in the background. This wine is best left alone for a year or two to allow the wine to harness its richness
but should then prove a very enjoyable yet ostentatious rendition of dry Riesling. .2018-2022
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